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"ProTek Engineering has effectively supported our projects with innovative solutions. They have consistently combined creativity, responsiveness, and technical skill to meet our project goals."

- Adam Elliot, Sr. Project Engineer, Bay West Paper Corporation

"The engineers at ProTek blend experience and thoroughness with innovation and efficiency. They accept challenges with a positive attitude and have the skills to cover the job from concept to print/"

- John Arthur, Project Manager, John Deere

"Red Dot has had the opportunity of working with ProTek on a major new product development for one of the world's leading OE vehicle manufacturers. From start to finish, ProTek demonstrated not only superior Pro/E design skills, but also a high competency for advanced project management, deep and strong experience with the off-road OE vehicle marketplace and teh work ethic and passion for their trade that set them clearly apart from all other design firms that Red Dot has previously worked with. Red Dot considers ProTek such a valued partner in product development and project management that we would not even consider working with anyone else, in fact, ProTek's commitment to excellence is something that we try to match."

- Ryan Baker, Craig Warnock, and Pat Carroll, Red Dot Corporation

"ProTek Engineering is a tremendous team that can blend their talents into any engineering group."

- Mike Ondayko, Roush Manufacturing Technologies

"ProTek provided knowledge of the market, world class design and demonstrated the latest tools in 3D CAD. [They] worked well with international teams from Korea and Italy."

- Y.H. Cha, Manager, Samsung Forklift

"ProTek Engineering has consistently provided excellence in design support and analysis with a great attitude and accommodating tough tasks and schedules."

- Russel Strong, President, Integrated Vision, Inc.

"ProTek has proven to be a first-rate partner, providing CAD, FEA and design support services in a way that is both exceptionally responsive and technically proficient -- we're proud to have ProTek on our team."

- Mark Wyeth, President, Axicon Technologies