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ProTek offers a wide range of services from simple model creation to complete system design and optimization. Willingness to embrace technological advances, such as industrial surface design software, allows ProTek to provide competitive, cost-effective, design solutions.

Pro/ENGINEER is used during every step
of the design process to maximize
efficiency and to optimize the design
in its earliest stages.

Acquisition of a license of Pro/DESIGNER (CDRS), as well as technical training and hundreds of hours of use, has provided ProTek with the means to conduct advanced surface design and analysis. Complex components are created with proper draft and a high level of surface quality in order to ensure a successful transition from Pro/ENGINEER model to CNC tooling.

Services provided by ProTek focus on industrial component and system design and analysis using Pro/ENGINEER and related products.

  • Solid models, creation and design of components and systems from customer requirements, 2-D drawings, production and prototype parts, mock-ups, or CMM data
  • Advanced surface modeling/design
  • Solid modeling technique assistance
  • Design analysis with Pro/MECHANICA

Completed projects are delivered as:

  • Pro/ENGINEER solid models
  • Installation, assembly, and detail drawings as plots, IGES files, DXF files, etc.
  • Surface data as IGES files for CNC tooling
  • SLA models, temporary part molds and sample parts